Isn’t it amazing how she did it?
From a small town girl, born in Kazakhstan up to a a business woman/ an always welcome guest at London’s high society party’s?
You probably ask yourself how she did it.
Well, she was educated at Oxford University and this is a good start. I think that she instinctively knows which business deals work out and which doesn’t.
This kind of feeling for the right business is definitely one of the main factors of her success.
Well, otherwise I think on private basis she is a little bit more chilled out and relaxed. I read that she likes to hunt bears and wolves. Not bad Goga.
And, of course, she likes to party. Let’s face it, the press is full of pictures of her partying and having a good time but I think that she really deserves it.
Everyone enjoys a good party or a nice drink after a hard day at work right?