The whole package

Goga is called a “high flyer”.
Why? I think she is a high flyer because she is the perfect mix between a very good looking female and the best example of a business woman.
I think that she can be very proud of her success. I do not think that it was easy for her to get a foot in the door but she made her way.
It’s amazing that she own her own gold mines, her own construction company and that she is also a part of
Even if it makes the impression that she spends all of her time at parties or being known as a Socialite, this is not everything this woman has to offer.
Just like I mentioned several times before: she is the whole package!


Goga and Prince Andrew

People who do not know her probably just see her as a pretty face and nothing more. She’s not. The press mentioned her a lots of times in connection with Prince Andrew. They were writing that they are a couple or at least something like they have an eye on each other. The truth is that both are just very good friends. It seems like when you are rich and good looking that you can’t hang around with the other sex without people telling love stories. I wish the press would write more about her business connections or the fact, that she helped him to sell his material home. Another thing , which is not true but it’s always written in the papers is the she likes wolf hunting. This is not true. I have no idea why the press always writes this. What I want to say is that you shouldn’t believe everything the press writes about her.

Goga gets private

I found an articles where she finally shows a little bit more of her private site. I mean the article is from 2010 but I don’t think that there has been that many changes in her private life. The interview was taken in her £28 Million mansion in Holland Park and she talks about her private cook, friends and about business. She used to be one of this kept women and she says that she hated it. Making bus

From small town girl to high society lady

Isn’t it amazing how she did it?
From a small town girl, born in Kazakhstan up to a a business woman/ an always welcome guest at London’s high society party’s?
You probably ask yourself how she did it.
Well, she was educated at Oxford University and this is a good start. I think that she instinctively knows which business deals work out and which doesn’t.
This kind of feeling for the right business is definitely one of the main factors of her success.
Well, otherwise I think on private basis she is a little bit more chilled out and relaxed. I read that she likes to hunt bears and wolves. Not bad Goga.
And, of course, she likes to party. Let’s face it, the press is full of pictures of her partying and having a good time but I think that she really deserves it.
Everyone enjoys a good party or a nice drink after a hard day at work right?

Goga and her businesses

When you look at Goga do you ask yourself what party we will see her next or do you also ask yourself what kind of businesses she is involved in?
Alright, I wanted to know what she is really up to, what kind of businesses she deals with, business partners etc.
Well, it’s easier to find party/private stuff about her than her business deals.
I know that she own her own construction company, some gold mines, shares and she is also co-owner of the online gift shop “Gift Library”.
Through theses business she turned her self into a billionaire but it wouldn’t wonder me if she has some ideas or things going on which are not discovered by the press.
Even if I am a very curious person I kinda like it that not everything is known about her. That makes her more mysterious and even more interesting.

October gifts

So, just as usual Goga gives us some tips what to give away to friends, family and maybe also to yourself. This time she says that she really likes the speaker headset by Moshi Moshi. Why? As a business woman she knows exactly what is a good present when it comes to something a little bit more formal. So, the speakers are actually the perfect “business friend present”. For something a little bit more playful she advises the “Shoking Pink vase” by C Best Ltd. She says it adds a burst of color to every table. I had a look at all the gifts she advised and I have to say that this another proof of her good taste.

Goga and the gossip

Even if nowadays society is so hungry for gossip and private details about there favorite celebs it’s kind of surprising that there is not that much known about Goga.
Let’s summarize: it is known that she was born in Moscow, got her educatian at Oxford University, England and that she know has her own construction company as well as gold mines. Her private life is still pretty private. We know that she has a son and she likes to party. The press describes her as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”.
Seems like she really knows how to handle the press.

Goga and her son

So, not just that she is independent and successful, no she also has a son. Well, the thing here is that she’s not dating the father of him anymore but when you are Goga you are able to multitask. Even if she gets a little help from others(she has a nanny) her 3 year old son is always close to his mom. I think it’s pretty impressing how she handles everything. Career and kid….wow!

The real Goga

So, we all know that she is a successful business woman and we also know that she likes to party and have fun but does anyone of you ever thought about what her background is? I mean what kind of education she has?
Well, she got an Oxford education which is very cool. It shows that she not just a pretty face. I don’t think that everyone can afford this University but it definitely shows that education is a good start. But after this you have to work very hard just like she does. Business partners see er as a real business woman and not a lady who has lunch breaks.
I think she is really a role model. Especially for young girls….and this is what I love about her.

Goga rules the media

Who of you ever had a look in the gossip magazines without seeing er face?
People who do not know it better probably thin “Oh, another socialite with a pretty face, living on other peoples money”.
Not this time. She became famous through her success. This is what makes her special and different(in a positive way).
A lot of woman out there are beautiful but there are not that many who are beautiful and intelligent like she is. We should all try to be a little bit more like her.
She shows that it’s possible to combine brain and beauty.